Footprints and Flags

Footprints and Flags

We want to learn from the stories of those who are pioneering within post-Christendom, discovering what it means to stand under the flag of the Kingdom of God in this new context.

The white flag raised, its canvas sheet fluttering in the wind, is a visceral image. It immediately conjures ideas of cowardly surrender, of soldiers giving up and of fear. However, at White Canvas Collective we want to celebrate those who are bravely stepping into the journey of waving the white flag. It’s a strange flag to show any interest in let alone celebrate but the stories of those who surrender it all for the Kingdom of God are inspiring.

Or what if we reflect back to the imagery of the commonwealth games when they happened in Glasgow in 2014. Each nation entered the opening ceremony proudly marching around the stadium under the shadow of their respective flags. The many competitors every footstep marching towards the opportunity to represent their homelands.

Or what about the image of soldiers, raising flags and raising salutes to the sheets of canvas dancing in the wind. The image of troops ready to lay down their lives for a piece of cloth is on face value a strange idea. However, there is more to a flag than the material it is made of. It stands for so much more, an image which calls allegiance to a country, a way of life, and the heart-call of the place we call home.

But what do flags of surrender, marching athletes and saluting soldiers have to do with White Canvas Collective? White Canvas Collective is a space for dialogue among pioneers and innovators whose hearts are seeking God’s Kingdom. The gospel writer Matthew records Jesus’ call to seek first His Kingdom. We’re interested in learning from those who are engaging with what it means to live with a passion for seeking first the Kingdom of God. We’re especially intrigued by those who are innovatively exploring this within the context of post-Christendom. We want to create space for the stories, the experiences and the learning of those who are faithfully standing under the flag of the Kingdom of God within an age where this way of living is more and more alien. The challenge of faithfully surrendering our lives to pursuing His Kingdom is increased as our context continues to shift into a secular world. White Canvas Collective desires to be a space where we can learn from one another and live out lives which echo Jesus Himself. Lives which creatively steady our feet, standing in allegiance to God and His Kingdom, calling out “Your Kingdom come, Your will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.”