What’s our story, anyway?

White Canvas grew out of a desire to connect the dots of pioneer mission in Scotland. To connect the real-time learning and reflection of pioneers with their fellow pioneers, and to connect the people involved themselves to each other. The aim is to raise the profile and voice of mission pioneers in Scotland and provide a platform for learning and engagement. We also aim to help pioneers locate each other and facilitate informal connection – digitally and face-to-face.

Every article shows which region of Scotland the contributors are based in to make it easier for pioneers to track each other down, go for coffee or arrange to visit each other’s initiatives. To help do that, join our Facebook page and start discussing content and chatting to each other.

Our intent is not to compete with other more formalised networks of pioneers, only to complement: we intend to publish articles from across the spectrum of tribes and denominations.

We always welcome feedback and suggestions. If you have any, just go to our contact page.

Some images that describe what White Canvas is about:

  • Blood and Bandages

    We want to learn from the stories of those innovatively embodying the mysteries of the cross of Christ and giving fresh voice to the new life of His resurrection.

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  • Clipboards and Culture

    We want to learn by asking questions of our culture and growing in our thinking and our mission: to understand and connect but also provoke and challenge

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  • Footprints and Flags

    We want to learn from the stories of those who are pioneering within post-Christendom, discovering what it means to stand under the flag of the Kingdom of God in this new context.

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  • Painters and Poets

    We want to learn from the stories of those who are looking with fresh eyes and creating new images of how we partner in the mission of God.

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  • Shoes and Sails

    We want to learn from the stories of those who are walking new paths, letting the Spirit fill their sails and exploring the future of the church.

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  • Tents and Tabernacles

    We want to learn from the stories of those exploring contemporary expressions of incarnational and contextualised mission.

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Who's involved?

White Canvas is a collection of stories from a number of contributors around Scotland. The website iteself has been put together by Benjamin Williams, Oli Higham and Paul Ede. They are all involved in pioneering new ways of doing church.